stupid whom a u happi wz bweee......
I knew u as my bst artist bt it wz a misstake de all u banage kale oswaziza (no hope)


There is no need for u to congratulate da man(Sevo) coz we already knew dat he will come back to state house."Voting was Katemba just"


Hmmm bebe u are a true fool,Bambi mwamanyira ebyo bwerere dats y u always have to kuwuja obunyama ewa Sevo akuweyo ka sente n trust me u will always be back as bobi nga agenda Mu maaso,God will punish u all


IF U DONT BELIEVE, now better know wat politics is, politics is not a feeling bt its a journey where you meet diferent pipo, those you will greet and you those will not and no one will charge you for having not greeted all pipo you bypassed b'se its your choice and in politics you cant vote for two parties on the same ballot papper that will be counted invalid remember in a democratic country like uganda each of us is given one ballot papper in five years so man dont attack BEBE b'se of the right choice he made and dnt think that its you who reserved the rights of choosing for pipo whom they should vote for and for your own intel, if i were you i would have prayed first before i sleep b'se that head of yours is nt ment to be used by a mature man like you. plz i just advise you, sit down, refresh your minds and concentrate on what builds your family if at all you have one rather than insulting pipo's families.


If only this goblet would learn to shut up. Lets see if he is the one who comes to your shows..even after broad day robbery,all these things happen?