me I really pitty some young girls didn't she know that that guy has a woman she will learn a lesson and she will stop running after other people's men let ha suffer no one forced ha to open ha legs wide .

Dj Rava Artman Nick2016-10-15

Impregnanting a gal t couldnt hav bn bad cos she was abobe 18 years,but wat he dd bad z to leav dat gal to suffa only wid her gregnancy.
Atlist je could giv help to dat lady f she had decided to giv birth to dat child,he dd bad realy cos t was his responsbility to tek care of da mother of his kid
Anyway guys lets style up on such things cos just imagine dat yo sis was da one dat dey did such a thing how could u feel realy?
So Big bro ''Mose'' wek slt stil tym ok!