Sheebah z 100% ryt to say like dat coz in ug today men only impregnant n run away...... to hell with all those who considere themselves fathers yet can't do anything to help their kids n leave everything to momz..... in fact they shud jhus die cz they r gud 4 nothing


Am sure Sheebah's mum has something to do with her hate towards her dad. She must have kept on planting those negative stories concerning the man, into her that she harbors the hatred. A statement like; "..... I do not
know whether he has ever visited me,” shows that Sheebah has never bothered to find out the reason for her father's behaviour. Am sure everytime she is faced with a question regarding her father, she finds answers from that favourite search engine of hers called mother.
But Sheebah should know that any parent occupies a special status in God's eyes that in case they wrong u, the best thing to do is to leave them alone, not to counter offend. For those who read the bible & Quran can remember the story of prophet Abraham & his father. The father even attempted to kill him, but God just told Abraham to migrate & leave him alone. Please Sheebah, don't fight your father back. If u can't forgive him, then let him be rather than u launching verbal attacks towards him in the media.


Sheebah I support 100% I know that situation. Even me my mother is my father. People they think that u just wake-up and hate your father no no there must be a strong reason. Even me if am to tell what my father did to me father's love ends there and then.


There is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Many of us have had abusive fathers. We are successful now but do not talk and treat them like trash. I hear Sheebaj talking about God sometimes. Does she know what He says about respect for your parents irrespective of their treatment to you. She should know that some fathers have treated their kids worse than they have treated her but wisdom prevails. You even make your father apolgise by himself without you prompting them.

In short you are doing to him what he did to you. So, what is the difference between you and him. Just get a grip, swallow you pride and find him. Have a child to father chat with him. Tell him how you feel and ask him why he did what he did. That way, you will get over this obsession you have with hate for men. No wonder rumour has it that you are a lesbian. Must be this anger for what your father did that is pushing you to such behaviour. Man up or Woman up and face you father if you have the courage you say you have. Otherwise, you will leave forever with such anger and this life is short. Anger for anyone is useless especially to those you direct it to.


"I only consider one parent n thatz my mother" bby ure right..if he needz u he wil look for n remember he wil come for money.....some father's deserve hell????