NATO acted katemba to parliament and we have learned the hard way as his voters that he is nothing but a clown.
But Bobi don't sing to parliament but politicied go it and white there like modern thinkers sued simple songs like Kyalenga and Tupi want up a long, into sleeping impactive song within real tangable revolutionary meanings. youths are being awakened from being sleeping giants. If Bovi is God's chosen Messiah then like it or not come 2021 the instopable will occur.


At least I, will say thank you kato . The youth are being misled hence not knowing bobi is a white man ¤project¤ who fund his politics for later gains say our country's minerals.if bobi can't be pan african, he will lead us in a Libya, Syrian state because his white friends will need their money back which bobi and Uganda won't have.