Wamala Passenger2015-11-12

i hope there is something that is not happening at NTV. we used to see NTV "sacarstically grabbing" the top journalists from other media houses forgeting that these peolpe will demand for a differnt pay! Whenever you yearn for th best; you ought to diverse means of taking control over it and paying it worthy the level of Academia.


I applied for a presenting job at ntv they wanted papers I didn't have all I had was my talent, they rubbished Mr but now see what's happening


come on, anybody who believes Nbs can become better than NTV is delusional....they made serwanjja and the rest...so they will make others


M so hurt,bambi my solomon serwanja!
My maurice ochol!,my rukh~shana.
Bt stil i cant waste my time watching nbs,ntv ur stil da best