Any right thinking person cannot engage that member in any wothwhile debate. My advise to him is to celebrate carefully. an NRM leaning MP was beaten and injured in Eastern Uganda for celebrating very enthusiastically. If that member wants to celebrate openly, I advise him to get some form of security. Otherwise, not many people especially in Kampala are happy with the results and not all of them shall be civil with their response in case he is out to make them feel bad. Lastly, he would not like to put his family at risk. he may think that he is exercising his right as a Ugandan which indeed is true and should be left to do so, but not all Ugandans are as civil. Some may want to take it out on his family. He may say, the police will arrest them but what good is it if your son, wife or daughter is maimed or killed for your miscaculated overzealousness. For your information even the president's security has now been beefed up because of the same reason. What about you?

So, Mr B, please think very carefully about your welfare and that of your family before you go out to annoy members of the opposition who lost. Choose your comments very carefully and you may even choose to ignore most of them. I hope you heed my advise and avoid yourself any tragedies. I have personally spoken to many supporters of the opposition and they are very injured now. Please do not provoke them as some are willing to go the extra mile.


Bebe leave thoz foolz ,they will never get what they want dats why they sound like empty jericans. tubonga nawe forever