Kale wabula Uganda yaffe elabye enaku. Everyday pipo are dying jst bse there is no medicine in the hospitals. The 400M would have been the beginning of stocking medicine in the hospitals. Youths are suffering to get jobs and the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is giving Millions to artistes who make money from the pipo that He (Museveni) is leading. They make Ebivulu en get money.
News has it that pipo in karamoja are dying of hunger. Where by you the President would have given that money to them to sustain their living because jst after a few months, you will go to the same pipo in Karamoja asking for their votes.
Mr President stooooop wasting our money giving it to these musicians.
Big up to all the artistes who didn't attend more so Bobi Wine maximum respect.


elnino is coming and many children are studying under trees,that money can be used to build more classroom for these children,where is this money coming from anyway.

Rwotoyera Walter2015-10-18

Oh my God ! How many orphans who would have
Benefited if at all the 400M were sponsored to educate them? And how many wemens are dying every day because of. Lack of material in the labour room? But instead the. The support is given to the able one hence living. The needy please when will our country develop fartherly?