Anitah YRM2015-11-01

Wamma congs. U guys who r negative about her sucess have a problem. Politics is a dirty game for those who are dirty but for clean people its a perfect game. And u who says she was supposed to serve only through music, who tells you that God doesnt use politicians and besides do you want to tell us that you know all the ways of God? Its high time people switched their thinking coz the world is running at a very high speed and you will be schocked when you realise that yo way behind


Your reporting is wrong! She didnt win the Buikwe seat-Not yet! She won NRM primaries to stand for Buikwe MP seat on the NRM ticket. This means she will bottle it out with other contestants from various political parties in general elections 2016.


She shouldn't have involved her self in politics, serving God was enough for her, she could also have ministered to da public in a different way, politics is not a simple game, they say it's dirty