if Mzey M7 just goes now Uganda can backslide more than how ur thinking, the opposition parties are an organised that means Uganda can become like Somalia where by every political party feels like it lead ug... start fighting each other..... Guys try to fore see..

Holy One2019-01-09

I wonder with some Ugandans who are blue band brained... you find someone mbu tukoye M7 but he /she doesn't know have sensible reasons.. just obukyayi.
so Ugandans Ugandans.... mostly the youth mukozesebwa ebintu ebitabagasa yadde, those top top politicians they are working, sponsored to do everything they are doing..... I assure u follow Ugandan SINGA UG ETABANGUKA ESAWA ENO IT'S U TO SUFFER, COZ UR MPS WILL FLY LIVE U HERE...