Starboy .........2016-10-01

eehhh , nga dats soo badd
bt again yo mum z yo mum yo
her only daughter , atee collin z
yo baba daddy kati think twice
dia , if u can move on move on bt if u cnt then ste wth yo husband , bt yo mum mayb de prob


Wama,.. You should accept the truth but don't leave your husband,people who say you leave him will be the ones to laugh at you in future when you are single, (mbu Nakyewombekedde)..


holy sh****t
yu knw wat hny..jst go away from dt hom..n start a new wea very far far away..go wiz ur kid..leav thoz two alone

Kalusuli Richard2016-09-29

OR sorry my love.but thats not the End of ur life , forget about everything u so and move up with new life ur still young work for ur future and ur son u get everything u need u need in ur life first and men and mother's are not the same but live everything to God he is the who knows why that thing happened and thank him for bringing u back home in time God wanted to show u what happens when u were not around just pray God to bless u in everthing u do pls.start new life beibe ur still young u still has 100 chances in ur life ok bye am mukwasi Richard from mbale