for reel thank you for your tips....
we appreciate coz even most
ov us at one time , we used to fear
galz but because of ur tips on hiw to turn
ur gal friend on.. we ar now experts .....

Gavin Griesemer2018-05-21

Da fuck? Groom her hair! If all of this is true than i am done. All of this seems to weird to turn a girl on. I mean to turn a boy on, it would just be small talk with me. But there are other ways. BUT THIS IS WAY TO WEIRD!!!!!....


Thanks for the advice bro i asked my friend for advice i liked it now with this advice i will surely have a motivation (not gonna say what) but i am not the guy to go into girls panties so fast i want it to be romantic lol i sound gay but i want to make it a good memory and hopefully everything works out thank you my friend i have a feeling your james bond thank you