be patient Ugandans,,, what do you pipol need from bebe cool,,,,,,,,,u JUST HATE HIM FOR NOTHING,,,, ONLY IN THE NAME OF POLITICS.
BETTER CONCENTRATE IN YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS,,,,,,mbu Museveni,,, mbu Besiegy where will this politics take you?


Among all UG artists, Bebe has the most hater. I guess it's about time he analyses the situation. Clearly there's something he ain't doing right LOL......... nth guys cannot all share the same hate sentiments towards you for no reason.................



Bebe, Apologise Properly Like a man, don't jst say like that! FOR GOD & MY/UR COUNTRY, But After All We're All Humans & U 'ld Try To Balance Ur Mouth!!!!!

Linda Lisa2016-03-13

bebe cool was very right at Dembe Fm yesterday
people who support besigye they dont know wht they are doing banange do you know what the meaning of democracy? banauganda mu kyali nyo emabega


Bebe cool yo 100% useless to mi coz ue hav no better acheivement since you were born..may surviving death after you were shot as wel as yo wife helpin ue by cmin back to you n ugandanz cnt support such a person lyk u