Truth of the fact is that is paid by media personalities the likes of eddy kenzo, winnie nwagi, sheebah to mention but a few + Nbs and others. thats the reason to why you guys will never beat BIG EYE.UG in which ever awards tho we love you guys. To cut my crap short, play nuetral and go get life


No one is bigger than their employer....... ask David Beckam.

Sheila whoever, remember NTV made you. If you want to go, leave in peace. Do not burn bridges. You never know when you shall need NTV.

For those who have run companies, they know that no employee is indespensable especially if they exhibit behaviours thatr go against the core principles of the company. Companies have policies and procedures.

Am sure NTV has its performance evaluation procedure that is supposed to be followed to assess Sheila's output vs what was agreed and expected of her this year.

Tosala gwakawala nga tonawulila gwakalenzi. Let's learn to offer valuable advise to such people but not spew out whatever crosses our mind.