Tk Jonah2019-01-03

Hmmmm this uganda with fake p* namwe mwebereremu. Who elso has another list or where is yours we consider you to. When 1lion in apark fights 4 meat, people say that the n.park has afierce lion, but you to talk with no objective list mbu your upcoming artist is not listed hmmmm. Use ua heads en minds to think not your legs to think 4 our pour upcoming uganda. If he z akatala and can make alist 4 his people to see en evaluate, where is uaz mr.intellenge* muswaleko

Tk Jonah2019-01-02

Thats good for an old artist to come up with his outstanding list, me personal i love that. With no b*f pliz i would say that country wide fik fameika deserves it and sheebah too does because her run up is vinka though not all 4 the best female 2018. Adding to this the best male upcoming artist 2018 is john blaq. Thank you our artists