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Fille Ft. Big Trill

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Song Lyrics

Sexy sexy… kyana
I wanna make you mine… kyana
You drive me crazy… kyana
Can I take you home my kyana?
Sexy, kyana
Naughty, kyana
Hot, kyana
Classy kyana
Small kyana
Big kyana
I wanna make you my kyana

[Verse 1]
[Big Tril]
We met on a Sunday
She a model on the runway
And I saw her coming ma way
And I wanna eat like candy
She hot as hell,
Finest gal I know she can tell
All the gals wanna be like her
but when they try it’s an epic fail
I say sexy Anita
Can I make you my sweetheart?
You know I’m from Africa…
So big and black is ma pleasure
And you know I can be your soldier
Kyana you’re my number moja
Me and you can never be over
Come outside and meet Mr. Lover, Imma…


[Verse 2]
[Big Tril]
My chic so hot and you know that I know that you know,
I just wanna take you home we can roll
Rush short gun in a row,
It’s got alot of things that I really wanna show you
I know that you want it and I want it too
You know that you can really be my boo
I never leave you feeling blue
The more the tips really aint got no clue… I…

I know you want me X2
You know that

I know you want me X2
Ki wekozakozakoza
Like you don’t give a damn
You know I’m the man that you really understand
Got grew up in a bank and a car up front
So let’s ride out if you want to maybe…


[Verse 3]
Trizzy Trizzy I know your cool
But I don’t think I can be your boo
I only want my sugar,
yet me and you can make a future
We can go together…
We can be together
Play rock and ball… oh oh oh oh oh
I can be your mama
You can be ma papa…aaa
Trizzy baby, Trizzy baby Fille baby
Tujende tujine hamwe
Tugira abanobo siuwe
Kutwakum nanye hatare… ah ah ahhhh



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